Encaustic For Photography

Adding Colour to Your Encaustic Photographs

There are lots of ways to enhance and add colour to your encaustic photographs. These are just some of the ways.

Collage Materials: 

Lightweight papers or fabrics can be collaged under or on top of your embedded or transferred image. This creates interesting colour combinations. 

Metal Leaf:

When metal leaf is covered in wax is changes from shiny and bright to matte and the colour shifts a bit. Metal leaf can be added on top or underneath your images. 

All Pencils:

Stabilo All Pencils are available in a variety of colours. These write on basically any surface including encaustic wax. Fuse very lightly. 

Pigment Sticks:

Ensure the top layer of wax is completely cooled. Carve lines with a pottery tool to make distinct lines. Using gloved hands rub a small amount of pigment stick into the areas you want. Use a small amount of vegetable oil to remove the excess pigment. You can also use pigment sticks to tone parts of the image instead of carving lines. Usually when using pigment stick it would be your last layer.

Encaustic Pigment Blocks

Small amounts of encaustic paints can be use to add colour. Use smaller natural bristle brushes to add little highlights and lowlights. Try mixing on the palette instead of using pots of wax. This allows you to slowly shift the colours to add more dimension. Fuse as you go.


Ensure the top layer is completely cooled. Wearing gloves use a makeup sponger to rub the pastel into the area you want. Use a small amount of vegetable oil to clean up any excesses. Fuse very lightly. On the top layer of your painting these should be used after pigment sticks. 

To learn in-person how to use these products check out our workshop schedule.

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