Derwent Inktense Blocks & Pencils – Art Supply Showcase at Upwards Art Studio

Permanent when dry – doesn’t washout like watercolour. Layer up intense vibrant colours. Inktense blocks and pencils deliver vibrant and versatile colour.

Perfect for a variety of projects, the water-soluble Inktense blocks can be used on their edge or side for different techniques. They can even be used on fabric! Dive into the creative potential of Derwent Inktense through live demonstrations.

We at Upwards carry the 12 and 24 piece sets of both the blocks and pencils. We also have individual pencils available as well. Email us ( order individual blocks or the 36 or 72 piece sets. Upwards Art Studio is located in the Owen Sound River District. We specialize in retailing high quality art supplies.

Our brick-and-mortar store is open Monday-Saturday. Our online store is always open.

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