Gamblin Cold Wax Medium – Art Supply Showcase at Upwards Art Studio

Gamblin Cold Wax Medium a mixture of natural beeswax (wax pastilles), Gamsol and a small amount of alkyd resin. Cold Wax medium is a dense paste, it is excellent in creating a variety of textures within a painting. It has a “short” characteristic and gives a clean break off of the brush or knife, retaining the sharp peaks of impasto. These working properties allow for expressive brush marks and the ability to carve into paint layers with palette knives. Unlike other Gamblin painting mediums, which increase the flow and gloss of oil colours to varying degrees, Cold Wax Medium makes oil colours thicker and more matte. Discover the secrets to achieving stunning textures and depth with Gamblin Cold Wax Medium. Lots of Gamblin products are available at our store.

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