Akua Speedball – Intaglio Ink – Opaque White


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Akua Intaglio Ink was originally formulated for intaglio printmaking, however this ink can also be applied with a brayer for relief printmaking, monotype, and collagraphs; and it will print from any plastic, wood, linoleum or metal plate. It is a soy based ink which is made with high quality lightfast pigments. The inks have a thick consistency with minimal water content and contain no toxic driers – this means a longer working time.

The ink cleans up easily with a dry rag followed by soap and water. Inexpensive liquid dish detergent can be used. Never use toxic solvents. Prints can be re-soaked immediately after printing if handled carefully. Once the print is dry, Akua Intaglio is permanent. Ink will never skin or harden in the jar or the ink slab, meaning minimal ink is wasted. Wiping the plate with Akua Intaglio is easier than wiping oil-based ink, meaning you need to spend less time cleaning up.