Grafix – Rubber Cement Pick-Up


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Designed for erasing excess masking fluid or rubber cement. This eraser has also become a favourite of watercolour artists because it is great for removing masking fluids and liquid frisket. This Grafix rubber cement pick up comes in a compact 2″ x 2″ square block, so it fits neatly into your hand for comfortable use.

This rubber cement pickup ensures that your finished watercolour, creative projects, gifts, signs and crafts are gunk-free! It is specially designed for erasing excess rubber cement, masking fluid or liquid frisket (not intended to remove frisket film). It is ideal for cleaning up areas around glued surfaces on finished collages or masked off areas of watercolour paintings.

Rubber Cement Pick Up Features:

2″ x 2″

Will not smudge work (once dry)



Do not use this tool on watercolour that has not fully dried or frisket that is still wet. This will result in smearing, lifting of colour and risks ruining your work.