Great Art – Special Wallpaper Adhesive Non Acrylic (200g)


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GREAT ART SPECIAL PASTE: The package contains 200g of GREAT ART paste. For the safe installing of the wallpapers the paste offers a high adhesive strength.

AREAS OF APPLICATION: The paste is perfectly suited for wallpapers such as vinyl wallpapers, textured wallpapers, embossed wallpapers, heavy paper wallpapers and woodchip wallpapers.

EASY TO PROCESS: The wallpapering paste is very easy and quick to be mixed. Within 20 minutes it is lump-free and ready for use.

WALLPAPER PASTE QUALITY MADE IN GERMANY: Due to the excellent processing of the materials, the paste has a high adhesive strength and is therefore ideally suited for gluing wallpapers.

CONSUMER NOTE: In order to achieve the best possible result, please note not only our instructions but also those from the respective wallpaper manufacturer. Ingredients: consisting of 98.5% -99.5% water-soluble potato starch; 1.3% ethylenedioxy; 0.2% ammonium chloride, 0.04% ethanol.