Kama Encaustic Pigments – Quinacridone Magenta (30ml)


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Encaustic paint is made from beeswax. In this technique, the colours are melted before applying them to the painted surface where they will almost immediately solidify. Theses colours are made from chemically pure pigments without any adulterants.

Dammar resin is added in small quantities to improve the solidity of the paint film and it’s transparency. The high concentration of pigments inside our colours will allow painting opaque or transparent when raw beeswax is added.

These sticks are manufactured in the same way as our regular encaustic colours however their pigment concentration is higher because they are primarily intended for the technique of encaustic monotype where they are most often applied in very thin layer: so colours will remain vibrant even if very thin. These sticks are entirely compatible with our regular encaustic paints.