Kama Pigments – Beginner Aqua-Dispersion Kit (5x15ml)


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AQUA-DISPERSIONS are finely ground pigments suspended in water that allow you to prepare any kinds of water-based paints. Aqua-dispersions are liquid pigment concentrates in water which can produce 2 to 10 times their volume in paint.

To use them, simply mix the dispersion in the chosen binder and you’re done. Our AQUA-DISPERSIONS contain no binders, extenders, adulterants or mixtures that could alter or control their performance, colour strength or interchangeability. This feature allows the artist to practice several techniques: acrylic to watercolour, gouache, tempera whew, faux finishes or any other water-based media without having to buy all these paints.

All of the above translates into tremendous savings for the artist or student who enjoys working in different disciplines and wants the quality of materials that reflect dedication at the highest level. The pigments that make our paints vibrant and long lasting are the primary tool of painters and artists and we believe that our product should be included in all studios.