Pebeo SKRIB Paint Marker, Sugar Almond, 6pc


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Discover Pebeo's Skrib Acrylic range, all-in-one acrylic paint markers that offer you a multitude of creative possibilities. These versatile markers are perfect for creating, decorating and personalising a variety of surfaces, allowing you to express your creativity without limits.Skrib Acrylic markers have a water-based formula that guarantees easy, hassle-free application. Whether you're working on paper, wood, metal, plastic or other materials, these markers give you optimum adhesion and a brilliant finish to bring your artistic ideas to life.Once dry, the acrylic paint in Skrib markers becomes superimposable and indelible, ensuring the durability of your creations. You can layer colours for unique effects and mix them to create custom shades, offering endless artistic possibilities.Skrib Acrylic markers are available in two line thicknesses: 0.7 mm for black and 4 mm for coloured, allowing you to create precise lines or larger areas according to your artistic needs.Another advantage of Skrib Acrylic markers is their ease of cleaning. You can easily wash your hands and clothes in soapy water before the paint dries, making the cleaning process easier and allowing you to work without constraints.

Assortment of 4 water based acrylic paint "Sugared Almond" markers, multi-surface, with a gloss finish.