Pin – Vincent Van Gogh Self-Portrait With Straw Hat


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Soft Enamel Pin


5 colours

One black rubber clutch

Backer card (90 x 52 mm)

Transparent bag with hole

About Self-Portrait with Straw Hat

Vincent van Gogh’s dozens of self-portraits are an important part of his oeuvre as a painter. Most probably, van Gogh's self-portraits are depicting the face as it appeared in the mirror he used to reproduce his face, i.e. his right side in the image is in reality the left side of his face.

Van Gogh did not have money to pay for models. Therefore, it was cheaper and more convenient for him to paint self-portraits.

A few self-portraits with straw hat can be seen around the world: three at the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam, one at the Detroit Institute of Arts and another one at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York.