QOR – Interference Green Orange Shift 11ml


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QoR Interference and Iridescent paints use pigments formed by coating mica flakes with Titanium Dioxide. Iridescent Gold is an exception, and has both an iron oxide pigment and Titanium Dioxide over the mica. Coating the thin, translucent, and reflective mica platelets with very thin layers of pigment creates a situation where light reflects and refracts between the microscopic layers. The thickness of the pigment layers, the nature of the pigments used, and the interaction with light results in the different colours and effects we see. Other than the coatings on the mica, there are no pigments in these paints. Their reflective nature means the Iridescent and Interference paints cannot be read in a spectrophotometer. Because of this, they have a lightfast ratings of “NA”. All six of these watercolours granulate.