Sculpey Tools – 5 in 1 Clay Tool


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A multi-purpose tool set that includes five interchangeable heads for all of your detailing, smoothing, and shaping needs. Perfect for all clay projects from jewelry, mixed media, DIY home décor and more!

Unique magnet design makes switching tool heads quick and easy.

Storage block makes keeping your heads organized easy and within reach!

Blade to create lines, fine details and cut clay.

Cone Tip Shaper to shape and smooth clay, blend seams, create textures and patterns.

Chisel Tip Shaper to form thin lines and patterns, smooth clay and blend seams.

Ball End creates indentations, concave forms and creates curled or wavy edges.

Needle Tool to create lines, small holes, textures, fine details and patterns

All handles are made from polypropylene and are compatible with polymer clay