Wax and Paper Workshop


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Wax + Paper = Artistic Bliss!

Unconventional? Sure. The next wave in encaustic painting? Absolutely!

Encaustic artists have been branching out–trying new techniques and mediums, mixing it up with unique textures and using traditional art supplies in wholly unexpected ways. So why shouldn't the surfaces be evolving as well?

Well, now they are! In Wax and Paper Workshop, not only will you learn some crazy cool techniques (like working with rust and tar and learning how to emboss and embed), you will also explore the benefits of working on paper surfaces–both commercially made and your own handmade papers!

Inside you'll find:

   • All the basics for working in both wax and paper, including a thorough explanation of required materials and suggestions for setting up your workspace.

   • Easy

 to understand instructions for making paper and supports to suit your every need and whim.

   • 14 completely stepped-out encaustic techniques, including those for working on the wax and in the wax for adding tone and nuance to your encaustic masterpieces.

   • Dozens of author studio samples and gallery pieces to illustrate, delight and inspire.

   • A contributors gallery highlighting the best and the brightest working in wax and paper and giving a sneak peek of the future of these two dynamic and complementary mediums.

You'll find something new and exciting on every page–add Wax and Paper Workshop to your creative toolbox and expand your artistic horizons today!