Winsor & Newton Professional Fixative


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A colourless medium which provides protection of charcoal, pencil, pastel and chalk drawings. Specially formulated to reduce smudging and dusting. Dries rapidly. Aerosol can enables easier & even application.

Making the most of fixative

Pastel pictures are fragile as the particles on the paper are not surrounded by binder. A coat or two of fixative will give that little bit of protection, saving the picture from smudging in a portfolio or if brushed against by mistake.

A light coat of fixative will also help to stop pastel dust sticking onto the glass once the picture is framed. A coating of fixative improves the lightfastness of pastels, this is particularly recommended for any colours which are ‘B’ rated. Too much fixative however will cause considerable colour change to a pastel picture as the fixative wets out the pigment.

Using aerosol fixative:

• Use at room temperature for an even spray

• The fixative spray should be used in a well ventilated room

• Shake the can before use

• Keep picture horizontal or slightly tilted

• Hold can 25 – 30 cm from your work

• For an even coating, start the spray at the side of the work and spray from top to bottom

• Apply light coats only, to minimise colour change

Avoiding Colour Change

Some styles of pastel work look best without fixative and some artists just don’t like working with it. Here are some methods which will reduce the fragility of unfixed pictures;

• Use pastel board, a coated board which holds the pastel better than paper.

• Use heavy weight water colour paper, so the work flexes less as it is moved around.

• Apply Clear Gesso Base as a pastel primer to paper. The effect will be less coarse than

using pastel board.

• Fix between layers of pastel as you work, leaving the final layer unfixed.